History and charisma

The Pegos Claros winery integrates antique equipment and idiosyncratic processes with modern vinification methods, which makes the final result unique. The winery is installed in an old building, which has been renovated around the end of the last century, and it has a good storage capacity, both in modern stainless steel tanks and in masonry deposits that were restored and overlaid with epoxy.

The winery has a considerable number of 225L and 500L barrels, mainly of French oak, and it contains an underground cellar for storage of bottled wine, with a capacity for 200,000 bottles. All of our wines, white and red, benefit from a minimum mandatory bottling period before they reach the market.

The five large and old-fashioned epoxy-coated lagares are one of the attractions of the winery. Year after year, grapes destined for red wines are trodden by bare feet at the first day of fermentation. This is one of the most awaited moments of the annual production cycle for the members of the team, and in particular for those who visit us, creating a lively, familial and respectful atmosphere in honor of the main elements of this extraordinary process: the grape and the wine.